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April 26, 2017

The 10 Best Advertising Features for Ads

Facebook advertising presents a massive advertising opportunity for businesses of all sizes.
It bolsters the reach of your organic posts and is the most prominent social media platform to drive leads or sales for your products and services.
Facebook has Engaging ad formats, an unrivaled suite of targeting options and enough campaign types to help you achieve virtually any marketing objective.
Facebook’s 1.8 billion users spend about an hour per day bouncing between Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Whether you sell IT services, Food, shoelaces or legal services, there are people using the platform who might someday become your customers. Important is to make them aware you EXIST.
Facebook makes it relatively simple to identify your ideal target audience and incite conversions through aesthetically pleasing ads.
We bring to you the top 10 Facebook advertising features you need to be using if you want to reach your future customers today.
1. Carousel Ads
Visual content and storytelling are the flavors of advertising today and Facebook has found a way to combine both two elements with Carousel Ads. You can use Carousel Ads to explain the features of a product you sell (or an entire collection), showcase your brand’s USP, or highlight a promotion you’re running.
Using this Facebook ad type, you can leverage:

  • Links
  • A Call to Action
  • Up to 10 images or videos
  • Headlines (for each image/video)

Show off your creativity, highlight what makes your brad unique, and boost engagement metrics with Carousel Ads.
2. The Facebook Pixel
If you are not using Facebook pixel you are wasting your time and money. Guys, you need to use the Facebook pixel. Without it, you can’t make use of Facebook’s insane remarketing and lookalike audience features.
It’s how you measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting, and gain insights about the Facebook users who visit your website.
Facebook pixel implementation is simple, simply go to Ads Manager, create a pixel, name it, create it, copy the code onto your web pages to start tracking actions, and you’re done.
Once the Facebook pixel is implemented on your webpage, you can track the actions people take, such as viewing your content, adding items to their shopping cart, or making a purchase, and use those insights to move prospects down the funnel and discover (then advertise to) users who share traits with your existing customers.
For more about the Facebook pixel talk to us on how we can optimize your campaigns and share insights you have never thought about.
3. Website Conversion Campaigns
After Facebook pixel, it’s time to start running Website Conversion campaigns.
The objective of a Website Conversion campaign is to get people to take a specific on-site (or in-app) action after viewing your ad.
“Action” can be defined as process of doing something. It could mean driving people to your website, someone adding an item to a shopping cart, a visitor completing a purchase, or any customized parameter that you have set to measure the value of an action taken on your website.
If you don’t usually see 15-25 conversions in a week, consider optimizing for impressions or reach instead.
4. Behavior Targeting
Set your Target buyer, know your buyer and this can be done by behavior targeting. Target people who are interested in your product or service.
Facebook’s behavior targeting is all about reaching people based on past purchase behavior, purchase intent, device usage, travel preferences, and other behavioral characteristics.
There are numerous User behaviors which can be targeted on Facebook. Facebook also works with third party data partners to get user-behavior data collected.
To get in front of the right audience at the right time and with minimal resources, Behavior Targeting is a must on Facebook.
5. Interest Targeting
Interest targeting allows you to reach your target audience based on the things users are interested in, this could be activities, hobbies, the pages they have liked and more.
Some of the Interests that you can target are – Fitness and wellness, Industries, Businesses, Entertainment etc.
Facebook collects this data of interests from:

  • Information users provide in their profile updates
  • Content they share
  • Keywords related to pages
  • Apps someone has used and liked
  • Ads they’ve clicked on in the past

Facebook suggest interests in the ad tool alternatively you can search or browse for interests by yourself. Interest targeting ensures that you get in front of the people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.
6. Demographic Targeting
Facebook demographic targeting options are very important while setting up campaigns as per your objectives. Popular demographics targeting options include – Location, Age, Gender, Education, Languages and relationship status are just a start. The most important demographic feature is the financial option. Being able to ensure that the people who see your ad can afford the products or services you’re selling is a great way to trim wasted ad spend.
7. Remarketing
Remarketing is a no brainer and is incredibly valuable. This is already known.
People who see your remarketing ads normally on an average are likely to convert and three times more likely to engage. You can target look-alike audiences as well
Facebook remarketing normally gets your ads in front of three groups of people:
Website visitors: People who have visited your website or specific pages within a certain period of time. (Another reason you need the Facebook pixel!)
Contact lists: People who have shared their email or phone number with your company (e.g., they’ve signed up for your newsletter or attended one of your webinars). You upload this list to Facebook.
App users: People who have used your app.
Because these people already know your brand, you’ll want to use Remarketing to push your hard offers and to try to force these people to take an action. An action can be as simple as booking a Free consultation.
8. Engagement Ads on Wall Posts
The people who engage with your organic posts are probably the best users interested in your product or service. Facebook allows you to reach the people who react, comment, or share your stuff with Engagement Ads. Facebook stats says 10% of your followers normally account for 80% of engagement on your posts and only 5% of the Facebook followers see your organic posts thanks to Facebook algorithm. It’s also important that you refer the Facebook benchmark across different industries to realistically set your target ratios for your product or service.
9. Video Ads
Everyday almost 100M+ videos are watched on Facebook alone. Video isn’t just the future of Facebook it’s the future of all social media platform and is growing at an exponential pace.
You want to create memorable and inspirational videos so that people remember you when they’re in the market for your products or services. Video ads help bias people toward purchasing from your brand.
Video ads are quite cheap on Facebook and probably cost less than a penny per view most of the time. Now, if you don’t think your audience will be willing to engage with full length videos, consider leveraging the power of Facebook GIF ads: they’re just as dynamic, but infinitely more digestible.
Use Facebook Video ads to reach your target segment and give an experience to your target users.
10. Lead Ads
Lead Ads are super cheap and effective , this is a great solution when you need to find prospects for
Sign up for your company’s email newsletter.

  • Claim deals or discounts.
  • Receive price estimates.
  • Request a follow-up phone call.
  • Make appointments.

Thanks to Lead Ads, people never leave Facebook to become a lead. However, beware your landing page also needs to be optimized for conversions and for collection of information. A complicated and slow landing page reduces your conversion chances. People today don’t want to wait they want solutions to their problems NOW. Lead Ads does just that making it easy for you to acquire potential customers’ valuable contact information.
About i-Repute.
i-Repute is a marketing and digital consultancy firm and currently serves multiple customers across varied segments like – Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Real Estate etc. If you are already spending on Facebook and are looking at an agency which specializes on Facebook advertising, awareness and conversions, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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